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Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

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Industrial Paint Spray Booth

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A paint spray booth fire suppression system can save lives and property, and is an important component of a spray booth system. In many cases, this fire suppression system is mandated by local municipalities, and must be installed in your paint spray booth. Installing a paint spray booth fire suppression system will help keep your shop, property and employees safe.

Lund Fire Products provides fire system expertise for all of your paint spray booth fire suppression needs. We are experts at designing and installing fire systems for paint spray booths in NY and in the five boroughs. Our technicians will efficiently install your paint spray booth fire system while meeting all associated fire safety codes.

Marine Fire Suppression System

Standpipe Systems NYC

Ships at sea… whether recreational or commercial present a serious challenge for fire protection. Lund Fire Products offers a range of specially designed marine products in NY and in the five boroughs, with systems appropriate for every size vessel from recreational boats to cruise ships.

Ships contain all the elements necessary for a fire in close quarters: oxygen, fuel and ignition sources. Fuel is present in the form of high-pressure fuel lines, hot lube oil, solvents and paints. All it takes to spark a fire is an ignition source like an electrical short, a piece of overheated equipment or a hot turbocharger. Compounding the problem is that fire can strike when the vessel is far away from the nearest port.

Lund Fire Products is a Coast Guard recognized company with trained personnel who understand the needs of the ship and owner. We provide the best service to be able to correct any violations and return the vessel back to the water.

For more information about marine/industrial fire suppression systems in NY and in the five boroughs, call today at (718) 423-1900.

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Industrial Fire Suppression Systems NYC