Clean Agent Fire System Maintenance NYC

Clean Agent Fire System Maintenance

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Clean agent fire suppression systems in NY and in the five boroughs are recommended for computer rooms, tech rooms, telephone switch rooms, art storage, photo storage, data centers among other places where there is a substantial risk of fire. These systems not only stop fire more effectively than a hand-held extinguisher, but are often used in high-tech environments because the “clean agent” chemicals released quickly suppress the fire while avoiding the damage that would be caused by water-based sprinkler systems. The systems work by chemically inhibiting what every fire requires in order to grow – heat, oxygen, and fuel.

Clean agent fire suppression systems are voluntarily installed when used to protect valuable assets which could otherwise be destroyed by water. Maintaining your clean agent fire suppression system in NYC is a crucial part in ensuring the safety of any facility.

Clean Agent Fire System Maintenance When a free agent chemical sits for too long in the dispersal system, it might lose some of its potency and fail to have the required impact in the event of a fire. The maintenance on these systems should be done by a professional due to the harmful nature of some of the free agent chemicals, so make sure that at the very least you are having your system checked once a year. The system should be checked from the chemical reservoir to the dispersal valve so that when you are facing a dangerous situation the chemicals and the dispersal system are in proper working order.

The more frequent, regular, and thorough the maintenance of your clean agent fire suppression system is, the better your chances are of containing and extinguishing fires. Clean agent protection systems maintenance in NYC is vital to the safety and health of anyone in a building. Call Lund Fire Products today to find out more information on clean agent systems.

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Clean Agent Fire System Maintenance NYC