Fire Extinguishers Inspection Service NYC

Fire Extinguishers Inspection Service

Fire Suppression Products NYC

Fire Extinguishers are the first line of defense when a fire occurs. Over 90% of all fires are first extinguished using a portable fire extinguisher.

Lund Fire Products is a professional company that deals with fire protection. Fire protection is our business. Along with fire extinguisher product sales, we offer fire extinguisher continued services, such as:

If you are in need of fire extinguishers in your facility, we offer a large selection of different types and brand names from manufacturers of fire extinguishers. Periodic inspection, maintenance and testing by a certified trained technician are your best means of assuring proper functionality of portable fire extinguishers in an emergency.

Lund Fire Products is staffed with trained and certified service technicians that can correctly survey, select, recommend, install or test any of your portable fire equipment to make sure that you have the proper operational type of fire extinguisher located in the area for a specific type of fire. If you would like more information on portable fire extinguishers or any of the other products that we offer, call Lund Fire Products at (718) 423-1900.

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Fire Extinguishers Inspection Service NYC