Fire Hose Replacement NYC

Fire Hose Replacement

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If you are in need of any fire safety equipment, Lund Fire Products supplies a wide variety of equipment, including fire hoses. It is our business to make sure that you are prepared in every way should a fire occur. Fire hose can be purchased in multiple sizes, lengths and types based upon its specific use and application. Lund Fire Products supplies a wide variety of hose and associated fittings. With fire hose fittings having a selection of over 100 threads, Lund Fire Products can assist you in matching the threads to suit your need or that of the local authority having jurisdiction.

Fire hose is used for commercial, recreational and fire applications. Construction contractors may use fire hose for applying water for dust control, compacting soil, watering shrubbery, or for a fire watch location. For all these applications a different type of hose is used. Lund Fire Products can help you select a type based upon your usage and expectation of longevity. A rough service or high pressure hose may require a double jacketed hose capable of enduring continuous abuse; an experienced sales person can assist in the selection of the most economically suited hose along with appropriate couplings. Equipped with a substantial inventory of hose and assorted couplings Lund Fire Products can custom assemble your hose to personally fit your needs.

Lund Fire Products also distributes hose for the use of fire standpipe systems, customizing the length, size and coupling type to fit your facilities specific need. Experienced with knowledge of the local codes, Lund Fire Products will assist you in the selection of the best suited and most economical approach to meet the local AHJ requirements.

It is our business to ensure that you are completely prepared for a fire. If you would like more information on any of our fire hoses or fire hose services, call Lund Fire Products at (718) 423-1900.

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Fire Hose Replacement NYC