Fire Hose Testing in NYC

Fire Hose Testing

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Standpipe and fire hose systems are required resources for firefighters when fighting a fire in a complex. Periodic testing of a component as simple as a hose valve assures the firefighters that the valve will open and the hose the firefighter just carried up 10 stories will connect to the valve properly. Many other components of a standpipe system play a vital role in assuring the delivery of water to the firefighter holding the hose and nozzle. Performing a “Flow Test” of the pressure regulators on a standpipe system will assure that the water supply pressure and flow are within the design criteria, not too high and not too low.

Performing the “Flow Test” at the most remote point of the standpipe system to measure the flow and pressure delivered at the hose valve is critical in assuring water delivery. Annual testing of the isolation and control valves to assure that they are in the appropriate positions and meet the design criteria minimizes component failure. Every five years the standpipe system’s “Fire Department Connections” are hydrostatically tested to verify piping integrity and flow conditions.

To assure the integrity of the standpipe rack fire hose, every five years the fire hose is required to receive a hydrostatic test. This entails a pressure test validating the hose’s ability to hold a specific water pressure without bursting or leaking. Upon completion the hose is dried, remarked and returned to service. Some types of hose are not economically worth hydrostatic testing after five years due to the extensive amount of labor required to perform the inspection; in such cases, replacement is recommended.

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Fire Hose Testing in NYC