Kitchen Fire Suppression System Maintenance NYC

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Maintenance

Fire Suppression Products NYC

Insurance company statistics show that “Kitchen Cooking Appliance” fires are one of the highest risk groups due to the placement and use of similar ingredients, fuel and heat. When excessive heat is applied to the food being cooked ignition occurs, creating an uncontrolled fire. Things often move very quickly in kitchens, enhancing the chance of the beginning of a fire going unnoticed, thereby causing the need for a fire extinguishing system.

Kitchen fire suppression systems are installed in commercial and institutional cooking exhaust systems and above the cooking appliances to extinguish a fire. The UL 300 listed fire extinguishing system uses a chemical liquid water based solution, removing the heat from the fuel and coating the surface of the fire source with a mild coating inhibiting the oxygen to assist in the resignation of the fuel. With nozzles being placed in strategic locations, the extinguishing agent simultaneously coats all appliances, filters and exhaust system assuring no growth of the fire and achieving extinguishment.

Today most local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) and insurance carriers require the installation and continued maintenance of Kitchen Fire Suppression systems in compliance with manufactures guidelines and specifications.

At Lund Fire Products, we believe fire protection is an absolute necessity, to ensure the safety of you and those around you. With our maintenance and repair services, we will make sure that you are prepared for any fire emergencies you can potentially encounter.

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Kitchen Fire Suppression System Maintenance NYC