Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems NYC

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Kitchen Fire Systems NYC

If you need a kitchen fire suppression system, Lund Fire Products offers a variety of fire protection products and services in NY and in the five boroughs. Since 1975, Lund Fire Products has been protecting businesses with kitchen fire suppression. Trust our highly-experienced, well trained staff to design your system, install your system and have your system approved with the local authorities.

Kitchen fire suppression systems work by controlling fires started in any of your kitchen appliances. Although many kitchens have portable fire extinguishers to handle small flames, they will not extinguish flames that have quickly spread. With akitchen fire suppression system, you lower the risk of potential damages a fire can cause.

Kitchen Systems NYC

Kitchen fire suppression systems are installed above kitchen appliances that are at risk for starting a fire. Kitchen fire suppression systems operate automatically, but can be started manually if you sense a coming danger. Having a kitchen fire suppression system in NY or in the five boroughs installed in your commercial or industrial kitchen is a great way to keep your kitchen and those nearby out of harm’s way.

Kitchen fire suppression systems will guarantee your safety and protect your kitchen from unwanted damage.

For more information on kitchen fire suppression systems in NY and in the five boroughs, contact Lund Fire Products today at (718) 423-1900.

Fire Suppression Experts NYC

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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems NYC