Kitchen Fire Suppression System Testing NYC

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Testing

Fire Suppression Products NYC

Kitchen fire suppression system testing in NYC is provided by Lund Fire Products for any type of kitchen that has a suppression system in place. Whether your kitchen is in a restaurant, hotel, school, hospital or banquet hall, it is vital for your fire suppression system to be tested to ensure that it responds both properly and efficiently.

At Lund Fire Products, we know that fires often start in the kitchen more than anywhere else. Fires in the kitchen can escalate and get out of hand very quickly, stressing the importance of a well maintained fire suppression system in NYC.

Our professionals will perform both internal and external kitchen fire suppression system testing in NYC. From visually inspecting your system to check that all of its parts are in tact and working, to checking the piping, cylinders, nozzles, tubing and cartridges, as well as making sure that the electric and gas shut off when system activation occurs, our testing of your system is very thorough.

If your building or establishment has a kitchen, it is absolutely necessary to be prepared for any and all emergency situations that could occur. It is important to maintain the safety of people that are in and around the kitchen at all times, and by testing your fire suppression system, you are taking the proper steps to help keep everyone and everything safe.

If we find any problems during our testing, we can tell you about our maintenance services that can provide you with an immediate solution to any of these problems.

For more details about our NYC kitchen fire suppression system testing services that we provide, contact Lund Fire Products today at (718) 423-1900.

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Kitchen Fire Suppression System Testing NYC