Fire Pump Inspection NYC

Fire Pump Inspection

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Whether installed on a sprinkler and or on a standpipe system, a fire pump is a vital component of the overall fire prevention system. With the initial installation design of the wet fire protection system being based upon the need for a fire pump, periodic inspections are then needed to assure full operability.

Fire pump inspections are to be performed weekly by the owner or the owner’s representative. A record or logbook should be kept of all the items performed during the visual inspection of the custom installed system. A weekly inspection check list guideline can be found in NFPA 25 or can be obtained from your fire pump maintenance provider. The check list can then be made to exactly fit the type of pump installed, its power source, and its controls. (A diesel driven pump requires a different check list than an electrically driven pump.)

If you are in need of fire pump inspections, call Lund Fire Products at (718) 423-1900.

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Fire Pump Inspection NYC