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Standpipe Inspection

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Fire Standpipe Systems provide a fire hose connection for the local fire department during the event of a fire emergency.

Fire Standpipe Systems require annual inspection of the fire hose valve and its associated parts in order to assure quick and immediate use by a firefighter. The inspection can be performed by the owner or by an outside firm familiar with the requirements and visible conditions outlined in NFPA 25 and NFPA 14. A check list of all the inspection items should be recorded and kept for comparison with future inspections.

The visual inspection of the standpipe system is to confirm that the fire hose valves and piping pressure regulators have not been damaged or exposed to conditions that would cause a detriment to or failure of the system during use. The inspection is not limited to just the hose valves, but also to the operation of the valves and to the integrity of the hose threads. The hose threads are visually examined to confirm ease of disconnect and reconnect, as well as to confirm the integrity of the hand wheel. During the thread examination the size and type are confirmed to match the threads used by the local fire department. Each village, town, city and county has specific threads, and they are not always the same from town to town within the same county. This is one additional reason why a trained technician is required to perform this service.

If you are in need of fire standpipe inspections, call Lund Fire Products at (718) 423-1900.

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Standpipe Inspection NYC