Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Testing NYC

Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Testing

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Compressed gas cylinders surround us on a daily basis, their uses ranging from the person using an oxygen mask at home, to the local restaurant making carbonated soda water for a drink, or to the vendor filling balloons with helium.

The U.S. Government Department of Transportation (DOT) controls the manufacturing and use of all compressed gas cylinders, to assure the safety of the public. Dependent upon the material a cylinder is made of and how it is manufactured, there are restrictions placed on each type of cylinder manufactured. One major requirement to continue the reassurance of public safety is a retesting and examination of the cylinder periodically. Testing and examination can only be performed by a certified company which has licensed employees who have been trained to test and examine cylinders for specific quality and failure traits. Although a cylinder may pass a visual examination it may not pass a hydrostatic test, due to metal fatigue, possibly from exposure to high heat or to a corrosive chemical. Only a registered, trained technician can perform the appropriate service

Lund Fire Products is a registered DOT testing facility. If you are in need of hydrostatic testing of compressed gas cylinders, call Lund Fire Products at (718) 423-1900.

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Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Testing NYC